The Board of Directors and Leadership team at HGA Support Services engaged in a comprehensive strategic planning process during FY 2022. This strategic plan will be used as the basis for creating HGA fund development, advocacy, investment, and service expansion plans.

We will also be focusing on building staff quality and retention at all levels through the development of training plans and recruitment, hiring, and onboarding plans for direct care professionals, managers, and leadership team members. In addition, HGA staff will use the strategic plan to shape their individual performance goals within an improved performance evaluation process.

The Board will periodically review how well the organization is progressing towards accomplishing the goals established. This strategic plan was created based on where HGA Support Services needs to go in the next three to five years and how best to get there.

The plan will be revisited at least annually, and adjustments made as conditions and circumstances warrant. The Board and Staff of HGA Support Services are excited to implement this strategic plan and guide the organization into a new era of accomplishment.

Our Mission

We assist individuals with disabilities in reaching their full potential by providing quality professional care and services in safe, supportive environments.

Our Vision

We will offer a wider spectrum of supports and services to individuals with different levels of abilities across their lifespan.

Our Core Values

We are dedicated to serving our families, supporting our fellow team members, and collaborating with organizations that work with our families.


We respect the diversity of all people.


We foster meaningful community participation and relationships.

Choice and Control

We honor the need for choice and control.


We seek opportunities to build and develop skills.


We mentor professionalism in the delivery of services.

Integrity and Compassion

We are dedicated to providing services with integrity and compassion.

HGA Board Members

Jim Verboncouer, President

Ashley Siegel, Vice President

John Mahoney, Treasurer

Kay Seng, Secretary

Peter Bialik

Julie Cutler

Dr. Debra Schultz

Mary Purtee

Meet Our Team

Myra Dutton, JD
Myra Dutton, JDChief Executive Officer
As the CEO at HGA, Myra brings her vision as a parent, guardian, and advocate, to continue to better support direct care professionals so that they can provide quality professional care and services in safe, supportive environments. Myra came to HGA from a career as a legal advocate for persons with various disabilities in school and agency environments and a higher education administrator and professor, guiding helping professionals as they prepared for meaningful careers. Myra was a member of HGA’s Board of Directors for over 20 years before joining the leadership team.
Carly Wentzlof
Carly WentzlofFinance
Carly joined the HGA team in the spring of 2023, bringing a heart for helping along with a solid business and finance background. She came to HGA with experience in payroll, accounts payable, and business management. Carly will graduate with her degree in finance from Grand Valley State University in the spring of 2024.
David Schmitz
David SchmitzChief Operations Manager
Dave brings to HGA a wealth of knowledge and experience working with and advocating for people with disabilities, as well as mentoring, developing, and empowering staff at all levels. Dave has been in the mental health field for 13 years. Dave is a Gentle Teaching instructor and has a passion for creating a “Culture of Gentleness.” As the COO, he focuses on creating an environment where all stakeholders feel safe and valued. Over Dave’s 13 years working with people with disabilities he has been a direct care worker, Home Manager, Regional Operations Director, Trainer, Training Content Creator, and Vice President of Operations.
Michael Dukes
Michael DukesHuman Resources
Michael brings over 7 years of experience and knowledge with recruitment and labor law practices. He came to HGA in 2023 with HR experience in manufacturing and retail businesses. He graduated from Ferris State university in 2018 specializing in Public Relations and Human Resources Management. Here at HGA, Michael is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient recruitment procedures as well as working with the corporate team to support and engage employees at every level.
Tina Campbell
Tina CampbellOffice Manager/ Finance
Tina has many years of experience in management, finance, accounting, and accounts payable/ receivable. She brings her love of numbers and of people together to serve and support HGA. Tina keeps the office running smoothly, answers the phone cheerfully, and makes sure the lights stay on throughout the organization.
Leslie Hoffman
Leslie HoffmanAutism Program Coordinator
Leslie was an Applied Behavior Analysis Technician for 7 years before joining the leadership team. She coordinates ABA services in Oceana, Mason, and Lake counties. Prior to joining HGA, she spent 16 years in the early childhood field. She enjoys watching the clients grow and learn in our ABA centers.
Teresa Wendt
Teresa WendtCompliance Officer
As the Compliance Officer at HGA Teresa brings over 23 years of experience and knowledge with state licensing and Community Mental Health contract requirements. Teresa came to HGA in 2016 as the Program manager for the residential programs in Oceana and Newaygo Counties. In October of 2021 Teresa transitioned into her current role. As the compliance leader, Teresa is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient procedures which are well understood by all employees, and that all programs comply with regulatory requirements.

From the HGA Staff:

Amber Cormany, HGA Support Services Staff member and Client
“My work background was manufacturing. I had some personal experience with ASD and a strong want to do more with my life and help people. Becoming a BAT has been a dream come true. I absolutely love my job, I love working with these kids, I love seeing their progress. My favorite is seeing their parent’s excitement!! I’ve had parents literally jumping for joy over something I’ve told them after a session! I am so grateful ending my days knowing I made even a small difference that day!!
We have such an awesome team here at HGA, I am so proud to work for such an awesome company!! Thank you all HGA team member, for everything you do. You are amazing!!”
— Amber Cormany