Help make Wage Increase for Direct Care Workers Permanent       September 2, 2020

Direct Care Workers across the State of Michigan need your support!

      –Inadequate wages for these essential jobs have created a critical direct care shortage.
     –Direct care workers provide critical, essential supports, while their wages reflect entry-level work.
     –This workforce shortage has increased over the years and has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic.
     –Wages, which are tied to Medicaid funding, are too low. Many direct care workers make less per hour than in other industries.
     –The $2 per hour pandemic wage increase, which has been in place since April 1 is set to expire on September 30.

How can you help?
Please call, email or write your state representatives and ask them to make the $2 hour wage increase for direct care workers permanent.



Dear (insert name),

Thank you for taking action to flatten the curve of the coronavirus and protect our citizens. Direct Care Professionals are essential for thousands of people who rely on them for daily care and they cannot work remotely and cannot stay home. While they do not operate in hospital settings, they care for high-risk individuals in group homes or other community settings. They dedicated and put themselves at risk daily by serving on the frontlines of this crisis. As you look at the resources to the current public health crisis, please consider the importance and needs of direct care workers.  I am asking for relief from the State of Michigan to deal with the very real impacts coronavirus is having on this industry and in compromising the ability to provide care. Without these steps and relief, this critical sector of our healthcare system is in severe jeopardy.  Thank you for your consideration.


(Your Name)



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