Our organization has been working with multiple state-wide coalitions to advocate for additional funding and specifically increased wages for our employees who remain working during this pandemic.  Help us support this advocacy by contacting your legislators and other key government officials, including our Governor.

The Sample Advocacy Letter below provides the language for you to reference, however, we encourage you to personalize your letter and share a personal comment or story about how important these employees are to you, your family, and/or loved one.

The links below will help you find your representatives, share your opinion directly with Governor Whitmer and e-mail Robert Gordon the Director of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.  If you prefer, you can phone, fax or mail the Governor’s office.



Dear Governor Whitmer,

Thank you for taking action to flatten the curve of the coronavirus and protect our citizens. Direct Care Professionals are essential for thousands of people who rely on them for daily care and they cannot work remotely and cannot stay home. While they do not operate in hospital settings, they care for high-risk individuals in group homes or other community settings. They dedicated and put themselves at risk daily by serving on the frontlines of this crisis.

As you look at the resources to the current public health crisis, please consider the importance and needs of direct care workers.  I am asking for relief from the State of Michigan to deal with the very real impacts coronavirus is having on this industry and in compromising ability to provide care.

The direct care workforce was extremely challenging pre-COVID-19. This added risk will likely drive even more qualified employees out of the field, further compromising the ability to serve vulnerable populations further, both now and in the future.

I am specifically asking you to increase direct care wages during this time.  A supplemental appropriation to temporarily increase direct care wages by $3-4, to an average of $14-15/hour statewide would help to stabilize this workforce by showing them they are valued and recognized as the critical infrastructure workers the state says they are.

I am asking for your support as quickly as possible. Without these steps and relief, this critical sector of our healthcare system is in severe jeopardy.  Thank you for your consideration.


(Your Name)


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