Linking Individuals Naturally with Knowledge and Support



The LINKS program, is a home and community-based alternative to traditional adult

day program activity or work programs.  We offer opportunities to develop skills in

meaningful settings and promote choices based on personal preferences and/or

individual disabilities. Our Program concentrates on the following three domains:

Home Routine, Recreation & Leisure, and Community Integration.



Concentrating on developing personal and/or domestic skills, providing opportunities to

use learned skills, supporting opportunities to participate, and continuously seek to encourage

ownership and responsibility.



Encourages the development of, or participation in, leisure activities that are meaningful, entertaining, or comforting to an individual.



Exploring interest in routine and community activities with the intent of developing community skills and community connections.


Through a team approach, the Mission of H.G.A.’s LINKS Program is to ensure the following: 

· Skills of Daily Living are taught and practiced at natural times, in places that make sense.

· The people we support are engaged in all aspects of life by creating individualized opportunities for self-determination, active participation in personal care, household tasks, leisure, and academic pursuits.

· Through regular participation in community activities, including volunteer work and employment, opportunities are provided to build natural relationships while honoring the growth and achievement of each individual.