LINKS Linking Individuals Naturally with Knowledge and Support

The LINKS program, is a home and community-based alternative to traditional adult day program activity or work programs.  We offer opportunities to develop skills in meaningful settings and promote choices based on personal preferences. Our Program concentrates on the following three domains: Home Routine, Recreation & Leisure, and Community Integration.


HOME ROUTINE Concentrating on developing personal and/or domestic skills, supporting opportunities to participate, and continuously seek to encourage ownership and responsibility.


RECREATION & LEISURE Encourages the development of, or participation in, leisure activities that are meaningful, entertaining, or comforting to an individual.


COMMUNITY INTEGRATION Exploring interest in routine and community activities to develop community skills and connections. Through regular participation in community activities, including volunteer work and employment, opportunities are provided to build natural relationships while honoring the growth and achievement of each individual.

If you are interested in learning more about our LINKS Program, please send us an email HERE.


MEET Shanna



Shanna has dedicated her life to teaching and helping others at HGA for over 23 years. Her enthusiasm and dedication can be seen and heard in everything she does. Shanna writes habitual programs for our consumers in Home, Recreation, and Community. She also travels to our homes teaching others how to develop personal and domestic skills, participate in entertaining activities, be a part of the community, and make their own choices based on personal preference. When Shanna isn't working, you can find her doing anything outdoors, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and most of all her family. She also volunteers for Forgotten Man Prison Ministries, Unity Christian Music Festival, and is an active member of Port City Church.