Happy HGA Support Services Client

HGA Support Services has been providing support to persons with disabilities for over 30 years, and some of our staff have been here from the very beginning. At HGA, we value the skills, attitude, and dedication our staff bring to their work each day. We are committed to supporting our direct care professionals and ABA technicians by ensuring that they have the resources, support, and training they need to be exceptional.

Full time employees are eligible for benefits, including a no cost medical plan, life insurance, and short-term disability. HGA offers a competitive wage scale, annual retention and longevity bonuses, and opportunities for professional development and advancement. Almost every member of our current leadership team started out providing direct care before moving up into management.

At HGA we follow the culture of Gentle Teaching. No matter where you work or what you do at HGA, we expect that you will consistently act in a way that makes those around you feel safe, loved, loving, and engaged.

Whether you are interested in working with adults with disabilities in residential settings or as an applied behavior analysis (ABA) technician working with children with autism, you will need:

  • a sense of adventure
  • an open mind
  • humility
  • compassion
  • “a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

Both ABA technicians and those providing direct support in a residential or community setting must also have:

  • good verbal, written, and listening communication skills
  • the ability to carefully document data and information

ABA technicians must also enjoy working with children, have patience, be detail orientated, conscientious, purpose driven, caring, professional, and adaptable.

From the HGA Staff:

Jennifer Jones, HGA Support Services Staff Member
“It’s simple! I love working for HGA because the company provides me with an outstanding team of superiors. The communication is amazing and the management team (ZF) goes above and beyond for staff. I’ve seen how everyone interacts with residents and I’m at ease knowing that their rights are not only protected but respected as well. The pay is fair and the company allows flexibility with scheduling while being able to maintain equality amongst staff. I’m only part time but I love that I’m able to pick up extra shifts if needed. The homes are very welcome and pretty clean. I plan on sticking around for a while.”
— Jennifer Jones